Workshop on Renewable Energy, Clean Tech, and International Carbon Markets in Tel Aviv Tomorrow

solar panels israel clean techZysman, Aharoni, Gayer & Ady Kaplan & Co. (ZAG/S&W)– a US-Israeli law firm with offices in Tel Aviv – is committed to helping Israeli and American companies succeed in doing business with each other.  Including doing renewable, clean tech business with each other.

Tomorrow morning ZAG/S&W will be hosting a workshop reflecting that interest, called Renewable Energy, Clean Tech and International Carbon Markets: What Lies Ahead and How to Take Advantage of Opportunities.  ZAG/S&W describes the workshop as follows:

“The impending enactment of U.S. legislation regulating greenhouse gas emissions, together with existing U.S. and international cap-and-trade systems, is expected to provide a variety of new business opportunities for Israeli clean technology and renewable energy companies, and investors.  This timely workshop will focus on those emerging opportunities in the U.S. and globally.  The workshop also will address the potential impact on utilities and other business sectors arising from potential changes to Israel’s rights and obligations as a developing country under the Kyoto Protocol after 2012.”

The workshop will:

Provide an update on climate and energy-related legislation currently pending before the U.S. Congress.

Discuss how Israeli companies can benefit from new opportunities that may arise from U.S. government-mandated cap-and-trade systems and national electricity standards.

Examine potential opportunities of Israeli companies to obtain project funding and license their technologies internationally and in U.S. markets.

Explore the implications for affected business sectors as Israel’s current status as a developing country under the Kyoto Protocol evolves.

Interested in attending?  Contact Reut Stamati at [email protected]

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