Hotel Mizpe Hayamim in the Galilee Offers Luxurious Vacations in Their Hotel, Spa, and… Organic Farm

organic farm hotel israelLuxury and “green” are usually mutually exclusive.  Sure, you have to spend a lot of green to be luxurious, but generally speaking there isn’t much that’s environmentally friendly about five star hotels and luxury spas.

Hotel Spa Mizpe Hayamim in the eastern Galilee region of Israel is trying to rectify that situation and create a space where, in their own words, “luxury and authenticity meet.”

Inspired by their beautiful natural surroundings – such as the Hermon mountain, the Golan Heights, and the Sea of Galilee – the hotel has been trying to leave their environment as unharmed as possible and has integrated organic and free range farming practices into their business.  As the hotel describes itself, “the composition, values, beliefs and exclusive location of the Hotel Spa Mizpe Hayamim creates an island of ecological harmony between man and nature.”

Most of this “ecological harmony” is centered upon the hotel’s very own organic farm.  All of the produce cultivated at the farm (which is adjacent to the hotel itself) is used to create dishes served in the hotel restaurants.  Milk provided by the farm’s cows, goats, and sheep is used by the hotel to make yogurts and cheeses, and free range chickens supply the hotel with eggs.

The hotel further supports environmentally conscious eating with their exclusively vegetarian restaurant (which, according to fellow Green Prophet Karin, serves pretty amazing food).  Admittedly, they have a non-vegetarian restaurant too, but it’s nice to have a gourmet vegawarian option.

Check out the clip below, which includes a glamour shot of the vegetarian restaurant’s spread:

The hotel also uses the organic farm to produce herbs used in their handmade 100% natural candles and soaps.  Guests can make their own in the soap and candle-making workshops on the farm premises.

Are you convinced of Hotel Spa Mizpe Hayamim’s eco-credentials?  Please share in the comments section below.

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7 thoughts on “Hotel Mizpe Hayamim in the Galilee Offers Luxurious Vacations in Their Hotel, Spa, and… Organic Farm”

  1. DennisCovet says:

    Everything looks absolutely delicious. Just amazing! I wonder how much is one night there. It just fits so well together._______________Provo Hotel

  2. Interesting post. I have made a twitter post about this. Others no doubt will like it like I did.

  3. Interesting post. I have made a twitter post about this. Others no doubt will like it like I did.

  4. Tanya says:

    I am truly amazed at the array of amenities at Hotel Mizpe Hayamim. I am absolutely astounded they do all of this while remaining eco friendly, and the view is amazing I’m looking forward to seeing Hotel Mizpe Hayamim listed in http://www.EnvironemntallyFriendlyHotels as it is an invaluable resource for Green travelers!

    Excellent content and well presented. Most appreciative.

  5. james says:

    oh yes, Mitzpe Hayamim is the finest hotel experience in Israel….and over the 7 years or so I’ve been associated with this land, I’ve had a few. The organic farm is worth a wander around in the early hours, when the lettuces are picked and someone can show you which vegetables are where, and what’s in season and whats not. This place is a wonderful luxury holistic retreat. Highly recommended. Maybe us GP writers could visit all the green places in Israel ‘officially’ and rate them all………paid for by the profits of a green travel guide!

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