Night Garden in Jerusalem Exhibited the Beauty of Solar Power

solar power flower jerusalemSunshine helps flowers grow and now, thanks to a joint collaboration of the Israel Electric Corporation and O*GE Architects, it makes enormous steel and metal flowers grow, too.

In mid June, visitors to Jerusalem could stroll through a solar powered garden of larger-than-life sized flowers.  As described by O*GE Architects, visitors could “immerse themselves in a sensual delight of magical light, bright sounds and fragrant aromas… The garden demonstrates the importance and beauty of alternative energy.”

Get the live experience of the Night Garden below:

The garden included a variety of flowers in different sizes, shapes, colors, and types of illumination.  The Giant Lotus flowers, for example, towered at over 4 meters in diameter and would open and close, subtly changing colors.  The tulips, on the other hand, were illuminated by a single color in varying intensities.  Dewdrop flowers were bunched together in masses, creating “a poetic ambience of tranquility, sensual beauty, and pure serenity.”

The movement of the flowers was accompanied by music composed by Ravid Hang and Andy Isler.  (The music can also be heard in the clip above.)

O*GE Architects hope to continue exploring issues of architecture and design, environmental protection, and social responsibility.  They pursue many environmental design projects, including their Recycle Be-shikle Workshop.

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