Recycling Mikveh Water to Put God and Environment on Same Page

mikveh recycled water israelEvery month, observant Jewish women in Israel and around the world immerse in a ritual bath known as a mikveh. Some men do it too before the Sabbath and holidays.

Now a unique project in Jerusalem intends to recycle water from the mikveh showers that people take before immersing in the pool of living water.

Proposed by Shomera, an environment group active among the religious Jewish population in Israel, the goal of the project is to treat the water to a level where it can be reused for irrigating plants and trees, or for flushing toilets.

“From our perspective, this is not just a project to recycle water; it is also an opportunity to make a connection between Judaism and preserving the environment,” said Miriam Garmaise of Shomera.

::Shomera website

::Haaretz [image via Joan Landis]

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3 thoughts on “Recycling Mikveh Water to Put God and Environment on Same Page”

  1. A Smith says:

    This is a great idea. In Islam, the water from wudu or partial ablution before prayer could also be recycled for a similar use. By demonstrating a connection between our spiritual being and our concern for the environment we send a powerful message to others.

    1. Tell us more about that….

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