Oil and Gas Producer In United Arab Emirates Launches Marine Life Book

adma-marine-book photoA new book titled, ‘Pearl in the Gulf’ was recently published by the oil and gas production company The Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO). It features comprehensive data and information on the United Arab Emirates traditional marine lifestyle prior to the discovery of oil, thus shedding extensive light on the inseparability of the UAE people and sea life.

It’s an interesting take on how serious environmental polluters are trying to clean up their act in the public eye.

The book, produced by the public relations division of ADMA-OPCO, was launched on Wednesday March 4th during the opening ceremony of an environment exhibition organised by the company at its headquarters to mark the 12th UAE National Environment Day.

Covering almost all aspects of marine life in the UAE, the book comprises 11 chapters with Chapter 1 providing a general introduction to marine life.

Chapter 2 sheds light on the early days of the UAE and the dependence of people on the sea. Chapter 3 discusses the natural marine heritage. The following four chapters 4, 5, 6 and 7 give a detailed account of pearl diving, planning of diving expeditions and pearl sharing and trading.

The whole of chapter 8 is dedicated to shipbuilding, while chapters 9 and 10 cover fishing and fish species. The last chapter (11) features protected marine environments.

Organised as part of the company’s commitment towards environment conservation, the exhibition was opened by General Manager Ali Rashid Al-Jarwan, in presence of dignitaries, senior government officials, OPCOs Management and Company employees.

Environmental posters were displayed at the exhibition. Leaflets covering various issues were distributed to the visitors to raise environmental awareness.

A documentary and video clips highlighting ADMA-OPCO’s contributions in various environmental aspects and the Company’s environmental conservation efforts were shown. To further involve the visitors, environment-related quizzes were organised and prizes were given out to the winners.

Clean-up drive
As part of the celebration, ADMA-OPCO was planning a clean-up campaign on the Formal Park on Abu Dhabi Corniche yesterday, March 5th, 2009. Company employees, led by General Management were to take part in the drive, organised in cooperation with the Federal Environmental Agency and the Community Policing Department.

Commenting on the event, Ali Al-Jarwan said, “ADMA-OPCO is proud that it maintains an excellent HSE record. We spend a lot of time and spare no effort in ensuring we produce oil in a way that is safe and harmless to the environment. This year our HSE record is higher than ever in the history of the company. Our exhibition is an important way of raising people’s awareness of ADMA – OPCO’s contribution to a healthy and safe environment.”

He added, “On this occasion, I would like to pay tribute to the wise leadership of the country which spares no effort in protecting the environment, a matter which placed the UAE among the top environment-friendly countries in the world.”

Oil companies painting and marketing themselves as environmentally-friendly? What will they think of next?

(This post was adapted from a press release issued by the company.)

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