Get Green Website Helps Israelis Go Green

Do you dream of an Israeli-based website that concentrates information about all the great local eco-friendly businesses into one virtual green portal?  That provides reviews, offers coupons, and even has a membership club with a monthly raffle of organic vegetables?  A website that arranges Israeli eco events on an interactive virtual calendar?

Well wake up!  As Herzl said, “if you will it, it is no dream.”  And thanks to co-creators of a new Get Green website, Hila Rom and Dana Chapnik, we can be dreamy-eyed while wide awake.

get green website israelA first look at the website turned up many familiar businesses that we’ve featured here on Green Prophet – such as Buddha Burgers, Nagaya, Katanchic, and Baby Organic.  But a closer look revealed that Get Green’s reach is far and wide in the realm of environmentally conscious businesses.  The directory of businesses is divided into categories that include the standard green businesses but also green architecture, organic deliveries, permaculture, green books, and solar energy, among others.

So how does the Get Green website help with the bigger picture?  In Hila Rom’s own words, “We believe in practical ecology and the power to choose, or the power of our money.  If companies see that people are willing to buy green products, then they’ll start making them.  When you have the information, you can make the right choice.”

The information offered on the website includes not only brief descriptions of various green Israeli businesses, but also an e-magazine of green living articles.  The various columns in the magazine deal with organic cooking, green kids, green vacations, and green justice, to name a few.

And beyond the information, Get Green makes it easier to be a green shopper.  Coupons to select green businesses are regularly offered, and certain products can be purchased directly via the website.

Not looking to shop?  You can find green events on Get Green too.  Current events featured on their calendar include courses, conferences, and award ceremonies.

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5 thoughts on “Get Green Website Helps Israelis Go Green”

  1. Frank C. Tannehill says:

    Why a Israeli-based site? Shouldn't there be one for every single internet user that wants to make this world a better place for them and their children? Or it just happened to be that way but the site is still dedicated to everyone? ___________ Frank Tannehill – domain

  2. GoGreen says:

    Great website, the baby green products look fantastic.

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