Sustainability In The City (of Tel Aviv), To Celebrate 100 Years Now And 100 In The Future


Some green groups are criticizing the city of Tel Aviv for not being sustainable at all; they’re also criticizing the city for this new conference happening April 1-2, on urban sustainability. It is part of dozens of events to celebrate Tel Aviv’s 100 year birthday this year.

For your reading pleasure, and interest, Green Prophet has posted the City’s handout about the event. Propaganda from the Mayor’s office or real and true efforts at making Tel Aviv sustainable? You decide. Here’s their blurb:

The Centennial Conference: In recent years, Tel Aviv-Yafo has been undergoing major processes of development. The international symposium will relate to these processes from a critical point of view, offering academic and professional insight into how the city should develop. The Centennial Conference on Urban Sustainability will consist of two parts that will address the future of the city and present ideas on urban renewal in relation to sustainability:

  1. An international symposium
  2. An international student competition and exhibition

The international symposium will consist of presentations by keynote speakers, case studies from around the world, round table discussions of mayors, city planners, architects, designers, artists, journalists and academics from leading universities, and debates between local and international speakers. These sessions will lead to a discussion on the future of Tel Aviv-Yafo in the next 100 years.

(Green Prophet adds: Some skeptics wonder with the state of security affairs in Israel, if there will be a next 100 years). The International Student Exhibition will present a young, fresh and unrestricted vision of the city’s future. Students from China, Poland, Romania, France, the UK, USA and Canada, were asked to envision Tel Aviv of the year 2059. The result is a futuristic and fresh vision for the city. The proposals will be displayed in the piazza of the Tel Aviv Center for Performing Arts.

Three first prizes will be selected by an international jury.

Target Audience: Professionals from the fields of urban planning, architecture and design Members of the academia Representatives of the media Residents of Tel Aviv-Yafo Students The general public

The International Symposium: Tel Aviv–Yafo celebrates 100 years and asks questions critical for the future: How is Tel Aviv-Yafo planned to progress in the next century? What is the right plan for action? What ground rules and principles need to be considered in the development and future of the city? The main subjects and aspects for discussion:

1. Social-demographic aspect How to preserve the unique social and cultural pluralism of Tel Aviv-Yafo? How to defend the ethnic minority groups? How should we build the future city while maintaining the population fabric for Tel Aviv-Yafo in the future?

2. Architectural aspect Green and ecological building versus industrialized building: What is the future architectural style of the city – preserving sites or development of new sites? What is right for Tel Aviv-Yafo?

3. Economic aspect Sustainable economy in a city: the corporate and commercialized organizations. How can we preserve the balance between the economic development of the city and the ecological values, yet still remain the economic center of Israel?

4. Energy aspect How can the city save and improve its energy systems? Alternate energy sources, waste management and garbage disposal, recycling, water desalination, and renewable energy.

5. Ecological-environmental aspect Green versus gray, construction versus green spaces, the place of green spaces in the life of the city, transportation systems, vehicles and parking in the coming century, air pollution and urban density. What should be done in order to arrive at the right balance for the city?

6. Cultural aspect What is the place of entertainment and cultural sites in the city? How will the city preserve its status as the cultural center of Israel? How is the balance found between business, entertainment and cultural enclaves constructed side-by-side?

7. Tel Aviv 2025 – A Vision What should Tel Aviv-Yafo look like in another 15 years? What are the future changes we may expect in the city? How should they be applied? What solutions are there to the critical questions asked by the conference about all aspects: transportation, the human texture of the city, density, environmental issues, recycling and ecology, sustainable economy, culture and recreation, infrastructure and new construction in the city.

Conference Schedule:

April 1, 2009: Day of Debates and Panels
• 9:30-9:45 am: Opening remarks by the Mayor of Tel-Aviv-Yafo, Ron Huldai
• 09:35-09:40 am: Opening remarks by the Amos Schocken, Publisher, Haaretz newspaper • 9:40-10:40 am: Demographic-social aspect • 10:40-11:40 am: Architectural aspect
• 11:40 am-12:10 pm: Break • 12:10-1:10 pm: Economic aspect
• 1:10-2:10 pm: Energy aspect
• 2:10-3:30 pm : Lunch break
• 3:30-4:30 pm: Ecological-environmental aspect
• 4:30-5:30 pm: Cultural aspect
• 5:30-6 pm: Break • 6-7 pm: Panel –Tel Aviv 2025

April 2, 2009: Keynote Speakers and Round Table of Mayors
8:30 am: Registration 9 am: Greetings by the Mayor of Tel-Aviv-Yafo, Mr. Ron Huldai
9:30 -10:30 am: Jacob van Rigs, CEO of MVRDV
10:30 – 11:30 am: Panel of Mayors and Heads of Delegations
11:30 am – 12:30 pm: Architect Shigeru Ban
12:30 pm: Conclusion

::Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection website

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