Groundbreaking Wind Energy Project to Power Palestinian Hospital

As the resting place of the Abraham and (unfortunately) a hot spot for conflict, the West Bank city of Hebron (or Hevron or al-Khalil, depending on who you ask!) is pretty notorious.

Soon, this city will also become an important part of the Middle East’s ongoing clean energy revolution!

Last week the European Commission signed an agreement with the Patient’s Friend Society Al Ahli Hospital in Hebron to finance a wind-energy production system for over 40 percent of the hospital’s energy needs.

“This will be the first institution in Palestine to generate its electricity from wind power, and it is hoped that this project can serve as a model for others,” organizers said in a statement sent to Ma’an News Agency.  “This landmark project will constitute a model for green energy systems in the region.”

In addition to installing a wind turbine that can produce as much as 700 kilowatts of energy to serve the hospital’s needs, the project will study the potential for further wind energy development in the West Bank.  Hebron, which is one of the largest cities in the West Bank, is an ideal location for wind energy production because of its high elevation and near-constant winds.

Expanding the renewable energy sector in the Palestinian Territories is important because it will both allow Palestinians to meet their human and economic development needs (consider that this first project is powering one of the West Bank’s largest health care systems!) and to protect the local and global environment.

This is certainly good news, and hopefully the first of many such achievements!

:: Ma’an News

Image: dawnzy58

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