Architect Elias Messinas Brings Green Architecture to Israel

elias messinas green architect israel greece photoLast week we wrote about Kibbutz Kramim, a cooperative in the Negev that is currently working on building a multicultural model of environmental sustainability in the form of an eco village. 

And this week we’d like to introduce you to Elias Messinas, the green architect behind the operation.

Messinas’ firm is the strategic environmental consultant to the Kramim Eco Village project, which will begin construction during the summer of 2009 and include LEED Platinum certification or compatibility, follow the European Directive for Energy Performance of Buildings, Israeli ‘Green’ Standard IS 5281, and the principle of “One Israel Living.” 

The materials used for construction will be local, with an emphasis on low-energy and low-emission materials found in the area such as earth (to make adobe bricks) and straw bale.

In addition to Kramim, though, Messinas works on a variety of architectural projects in Israel, Greece, Cyprus, and the USA.  His other projects in Israel include the Mei Mabuah Ecological Center (in the Negev).

elias messinas israel eco-architect greece photo

In the words of Messinas’ own full service architectural and consulting firm:

“We care for the environment and we integrate this care into our practice, both in our designs and in the way we run our firm. 

“We also invest time and energy in our community raising environmental issues, and we help other architects become environmentally conscious in their designs and practice. 

“We care for our work, for our clients, and for the environment.”

Messinas’ environmental architecture specialties are ecological building and passive solar architecture.  We hope to see many more of his projects in the future.

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    Thanks Karin,Thanks for steering me in the right direction. Does Yvetter have an e mail address you can send me?Roberta

  3. Dear Robert,This is not Elias' site so I am not sure if he will get this message. Best to click through to his professional webpage and email him directly.

  4. robertachester says:

    Hi Elias,I was very excited to read the interview with Yvette in the Jerusalem Post mag. last week. I did some editing for you years ago (I don't remember the date but I do remember that Yvette was pregnant with your first child) on the book about communities in Greece and worked for Yvette at the Yad Vashem Magazine. I am very interested in Kibbutz Kramim (especially when I read about your ecological focus) and would like explore possibilites of becoming part of your community. I am a good friend of Stephanie Dishal and will be seeing her on Sunday. Years back I was very involved with Mei Mabuah which I also notice on your site.Very much looking forward to hearing from you and am sending warmest regards to you both.Roberta Chester(I am still dividing my time between here and Maine where I have a bed and breakfast and am very involved in ecological issues and projects.

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