Canada Cuts UNESCO Funds Based on US Law

Voluntary funding to support nature and ancient cities is thinned even more as Canada cuts its funding to UNESCO. If existing members don’t cough up about $70 million USD, trees like this one in Yemen could be under threat. Palestine is neither a country nor a state, but Palestinian people living in the West Bank […]


Dangerous Gases Other Than C02

There are many gases, aside from C02, that cause harm to our atmosphere. The problem is that not all of them are included in the Kyoto Protocol meaning that they do not need to be reported. Take care to learn your gasses, if you are connected with the industry, so that you do not inadvertently […]


Eilat to Host Major International Energy Conference

Despite the ongoing conflict in Israel, a three-day international conference on renewable energy planned for February is going ‘full steam ahead,’ according to organizers. Far from the range of Hamas rocket strikes, the three-day Eilat-Eilot International Renewable Energy Conference will take place in the southernmost city in Israel, from February 17-19, at Eilat’s Herod’s Palace. […]


Architect Elias Messinas Brings Green Architecture to Israel

Last week we wrote about Kibbutz Kramim, a cooperative in the Negev that is currently working on building a multicultural model of environmental sustainability in the form of an eco village.  And this week we’d like to introduce you to Elias Messinas, the green architect behind the operation. Messinas’ firm is the strategic environmental consultant […]


Youth Clean Energy Movement Event in Jerusalem

Dear Green Prophet folks, Hello! My name is Zohar Tobi — I’m an organizer for the US Youth Clean Energy Movement, and I’m writing to invite you to an event I’m facilitating in Jerusalem called the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium. Here are the basic details: WHAT: The Awakening the Dreamer Symposium WHEN: Wednesday, December 24th, […]