"Eco-Design" Still A Trend To Follow In 2009

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Some say that Eco-Design and other green initiatives are just a trend and it’ll go away like many other buzzwords. According to Trendwatching.com this is not the case.

It looks like Simplexity is going to rule 2009. We’ll see more designed products that carry a simple design, maintaining ease of use while not giving up on complex features. Some say it’s because the Baby Boomers are growing up wanting comfortable products but still technologically innovative.

The economic crisis requires designers to be more creative in their designs using smaller budgets. We might see bolder designs than what we’re used to.

Among the leading trend in 2009 are:

  • Retro design
  • Simplexity
  • Minimalism
  • Bold designs
  •  Designs clashing clean designs together with prominent colors
  •  Eco-Design
  •  Personalized designs.

Eco-Design will be mentioned more as Sustainable design. We’ll see more companies like Nike that design entire collections from sustainably-sourced fabrics, and footware from sustainable materials. 

The economic crisis has also affected our consuming habits and people are looking for more products that will last longer. Advocates will say that we need products to have a short life-cycle so it will keep the market alive and will require companies to innovate and progress. But that seems to clash with our wish to help the environment.

There is a way to enjoy both worlds. We can design products that their core shape/design doesn’t change but consumers will be able to upgrade and change different parts of the products to give it a new look and feel. Similar to building houses that last while re-designing the interior every now and then. It might not suit the gadget lovers who get a new model every season but it will support those who like good products and don’t care much for frequently upgrades.

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  1. trendoffice says:

    Good summary of the most realisting list of prevailing trends. “There is a way to enjoy both worlds.” – that is not always possible, but the responsible way of thinking and designing products will be the solution.

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