Why Islamic Banking is good for the environment

The focus on sharing profits and taking communities into consideration means that the Islamic way of banking is (theoretically) better for the planet The announcement by the CEO of Doha Bank, R Seetharaman, that Islamic banking is the right platform to boost ‘green financing’ as its values sustainable environmental development has got me thinking about […]


UAE Plans To Improve Food Security

It’s no secret that the Gulf states are heavily dependent on foreign farmlands for their food and no more so than the United Arab Emirates which imports 80% of its food products. Most foods you see stocked in the UAE’s supermarkets will have been brought in from elsewhere ready to sell directly to the consumer […]


"Eco-Design" Still A Trend To Follow In 2009

Some say that Eco-Design and other green initiatives are just a trend and it’ll go away like many other buzzwords. According to this is not the case. It looks like Simplexity is going to rule 2009. We’ll see more designed products that carry a simple design, maintaining ease of use while not giving up […]


Creative Gifts for the Holiday Season

With the gift holidays officially open now is the time to reconsider gift giving, especially now with the current economic crisis! First, do you really need to spend so much on gifts? Be thoughtful, instead of spendful! It will make you feel so much more appreciated than stressing over credit-card bills for months. Can you […]