England Authorities Look to Mediterranean White Buildings To Help Keep Cool


A week ago England’s Department of Health published practical recommendations to prepare for a potential heatwave which is also the central theme of their 2009 Heatwave Plan. The Heatwave Plan for 2009 has been updated with extra guidance that outlines the benefits of insulating houses to keep them cool during summer months, and warm during […]

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The Israeli Forum For Ecological Art celebrates ten years activity

The Israeli Forum For Ecological Art is an active (non-profit) body, which voices its views regarding environmental issues and acts toward promoting individual and group projects of artists and scientists while drawing the attention to any issue pertaining to ecology and the environment. Eco-design which is still a trend in 2009 includes both art and […]

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Israeli Company Spotless Creates Sustainable Advertising For Roads


Usually the advertising industry is not considered to be a very ecological industry. Think about  the amount of useless junk mail you get to your mailbox each day wasting tons of paper which most of it won’t be recycled. Think of all the huge advertising billboard posters on highways. Now think Eco-design. And specifically urban design. There are […]

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"Greenchange" – A new Israeli social network


In an overwhelming world of  online social networks a new Israeli/Environmental network has emerged called “GreenChange“ using the Ning.com platform. The organization behind GreenChange is the “Heschel Center for Environmental learning and leadership“, which celebrates it’s 10th anniversary today. Its goal is to create an online environment where environmentalists can meet, share ideas and information […]

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