"Eco-Design" Still A Trend To Follow In 2009

Some say that Eco-Design and other green initiatives are just a trend and it’ll go away like many other buzzwords. According to this is not the case. It looks like Simplexity is going to rule 2009. We’ll see more designed products that carry a simple design, maintaining ease of use while not giving up […]


Cradle to Cradle or Cradle to Grave?

Two of the most basic terms in the ecological and sustainable design and architecture fields are “Cradle to Grave” and “Cradle to Cradle”. They relate to the product life cycle from the raw materials (Cradle) to disposal (Grave). What is Cradle to Grave A term used in life-cycle analysis to describe the entire life of […]


"Greenchange" – A new Israeli social network

In an overwhelming world of  online social networks a new Israeli/Environmental network has emerged called “GreenChange“ using the platform. The organization behind GreenChange is the “Heschel Center for Environmental learning and leadership“, which celebrates it’s 10th anniversary today. Its goal is to create an online environment where environmentalists can meet, share ideas and information […]