Awaken Your Inner Green Prophet: Green Activist Volunteer Needed in Jerusalem

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The leader of the Atid Yarok (“green future”) environmental group in the Merkaz Hamagshimim community center in Jerusalem is leaving. Now Atid Yarok must have a new leader, or the group will fade away.

The initiatives of Atid Yarok have included the Jerusalem of Green project, which James reported on last February; and perhaps the biggest achievement of the group is that it was instrumental in convincing the Jerusalem municipality to put recycling bins all over Jerusalem in the course of a two-year campaign.

The Holy City is rich with history, but it is poor in environmental advances. Jerusalem is a place where an activist with brains and heart can truly make a difference. To apply for the leadership position, contact finkelwoman at yahoo dot com.

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  1. Please note! This is a volunteer i.e. entirely unpaid position, and is part-time.

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