Eco-Friendly Fun for Kids from Israeli Designer, Inbal Limor

Inbal Limor Israeli designer sustainable artAmong the many environmentally conscious Israeli designers that we’ve featured here on Green Prophet, we wrote about Inbal Limor’s art made out of reused plastic bags a few months ago.  As you may remember, she makes beautiful high art (that could easily be hung on your wall) out of lowly, ubiquitous, everyday plastic bags.

Inbal is now making green designs for a younger audience – kids.

Not only are these products whimsical and fun, but they teach the younger generation some valuable lessons.  First of all, they encourage environmentally responsible behavior such as reducing waste through reuse.  They also encourage creativity when thinking about the environment and the world in general.  And lastly, they prove that being ‘green’ can be fun and mean that you have lots of cool things to play with!

Inbal’s new designs include:

Recycled Paper Coloring Book:  This coloring book, which includes 31 psychedelic line drawings, is printed on recycled paper.  The line drawings are all hand-drawn by Inbal, who claims that they are meditative.  And with their relatively small A4 size, they’d be great to take on trips or errands.

Stuffed Creatures:  These fantastical creatures (which Inbal says are suitable for children aged 8 and up) are made strictly out of recycled and reused materials – such as upholstery fabrics.  (Check out Mr. Mountaineer above, made out of vintage plaid cloth and orange upholstery fabric.)  No two creatures are alike!

Pooki the Hand Puppet:  Pooki is made out of recovered scraps that were discarded when making bigger puppets.  He’s still got big character, though!

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