Winter Gas Savings

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Cold is on its way in, as tends to happen this time of year, and along with it different driving conditions. Rain and snow seriously inhibit a car’s performance and with it the mileage. Here are a several tips to help you save for these upcoming months:

  • Tune up! Make sure that everything is in tip-top shape. If your car is not running smoothly it wont give you the bang for your buck that you are relying on.
  • Add weight – While during the summer it’s a bad idea, making the engine work more burns more gas, but during the winter it has the opposite effect. If your car has proper traction it won’t have to struggle to get a grip.
  • Check your pressure – For every 5 degrees Celsius the temperature goes down, the air pressure in your tires reduces by one pound per square foot. Keep tabs on your tires for easy riding.

Thanks Daniel for the tips!

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