Beeologics cures Bee Colony Collapse-Associated Virus?

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Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), a bee virus leading to the widespread deaths of worker bees, has long signified a threat to agricultural industries. It’s not the honey that’s important in agriculture–it’s pollination, and therefore the effects of CCD on this process can be devastating.

But now Israeli company Beeologics has discovered a cure for CCD, which has been clinically tested on 60 hives in Florida. The Beelogics solution, marketed under the name Remebee, operates via the mechanism of gene silencing.

Nitzan Paldi, Chief Technology Officer of Beelogics, explains: “The technology is based on naturally occurring biological agents. Conceptually, we’re introducing the factor that prompts the silencing response,” says Paldi.

“We didn’t invent gene silencing, it’s been around for eons, and discovering its broad applicability earned Andrew Fire and Craig C. Mello the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2006. However, as far as we know we are the first to use it commercially on non-humans.”

Paldi also explains that he believes CCD is caused by another virus that was discovered by a Hebrew University professor called Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus (IAPV). Remebee not only protects hives from IAPV, but from other viruses as well.

Another breakthrough achieved by Beelogics is the production of this expensive solution in commercial amounts–a production process which can be applied in other fields of manufacture.

Remebee is now in the process of obtaining approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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  1. It seems like people should recognize the value of Jews on this planet. We have always contributed in disproportionately to our small numbers. This is a fantastic development.

  2. tom gardner says:

    I have a very unique design grip I invented for my skimboard, and ocean wave board. I bought a couple pounds of bees wax in van nuys california to make the feet stick to the grip on the water. The wax, I was told, was from Israel. I think if you saw my skimboard design you would bee amazed. I am happy that this disorder has been cured because I will eventually have hives of my own to supplement the skimboard grip with wax. Also, of course, honey. thanks again,

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