Katanchic Makes Chic Organic Clothes for Green Babies

Us Green Prophets believe that green education should start from a young age, and have already addressed ways that little ones can be eco conscious.  Sometimes it’s recycling competitions at schools, other times it’s reading environmentally conscious children’s books, and sometimes it’s about what these little ones are wearing.

Eco-Mum has already sung the praises of the good old cloth diapers, but what about all of the other baby acoutrements?  Bibs, tights, t-shirts?

For those who like to do their organic cotton baby clothes shopping online there’s the Baby Organic store, but for those who like to go into an actual shop, ooh and aah at the tiny socks and pick out their own onesies – there’s Katanchic in central Tel Aviv.

Started by young mother and Bezalel Academy of Art and Design graduate, Sharon Einav, less than a year ago, Katanchic’s line of 100% organic baby clothing demonstrates that you can simultaneously cultivate care for the environment and care for style in little ones.  Sharon, who studied animation at Bezalel, joined her mother (another Bezalel graduate) after the birth of her son in order to design a collection of organic clothes that would respond to the slim variety of environmentally friendly clothing for babies in Israel.

Katanchic’s collection is based on three animation characters, the three B’s: Bees, Beetles, and Butterflies (all of which are unisex, so feel free to buy these adorable items for a baby in the works).  Having been designed by an animation designer, these clothes will definitely be some of the coolest in the playground.

Katanchic, Dizengoff Center (Gate 2), Tel Aviv (03-6290766)

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7 thoughts on “Katanchic Makes Chic Organic Clothes for Green Babies”

  1. Tlalit Orr says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I live here in Israel and want to buy myself, my husband and my son ecological (and if possible, vegan) shoes. Do you know of any brands that are made and sold here in Israel and can be recommended by you?


  2. At first my reason for searching out organic cotton was medical.

    At only a few weeks old my son developed severe eczema and his pediatrician suggested organic cotton as an alternative to the harsh steroidal creams they wanted to put him on.

    The search for organic clothing was not easy, and just plain expensive, but I knew his baby skin could not take the harsh chemicals used in regular textiles.

    The more research I did, the more I knew our entire family needed to make a change, for us and the planet.
    That was when I founded Peaceful Disorder, and since it is a family adventure, the prices are very reasonable. ($12-$30)

    You will probably see the same products in your local boutique for twice as much, I know I did.
    But best of all, after about 6 months of wearing organic, our baby has no sign of eczema.


  3. Ma. Princess Patricia B. Garcia says:

    Good Day,
    I am Ma. Princess Patricia B. Garcia, Senior student in Assumption College, San Lorenzo Village, Makati City, Philippines. I am currently doing my thesis entitled Feasibility study of Organic Clothes Shop for babies. If my feasibility study is going to be successful and feasible I would be glad to invite you and consider you as my supplier of Babies Organic clothes. I am in need for your help to supply me some information about your company and product in order for me to moved on with my study and in order for my study to be approved. The background , company profile, product list , price and shipment cost would be needed for the approval of my chosen supplier. Hope you could accommodate my request and I hope i could do business with you soon. Thank you and your help would be very much appreciated.

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