Tel Aviv's Urban Farmers Collective is Hosting an Urban Farmers Rooftop Party

It’s not every day that you can party with a group of farmers in the middle of a city.  Even rarer, it’s not every day that you can party with urban Israeli farmers on the rooftop of a historic building in the center of Tel Aviv and learn about some green goodness to boot.

Which is why everyone needs to get in on this action this coming Wednesday, August 13th at 17:30.  Because these things just don’t happen that often.

Brought to you by the Urban Farmers Collective and Tel Aviv’s oasis for all things environmental – City Tree – the party will be held on the roof of 8 Ha Avoda Street.  If that address sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the same building that hosts a community compost heap where fellow Green Prophet Jeff (aka “The Compost Guy”) deposits his carrot peels and lemon rinds.

So what’s the schedule for this urban farming extravaganza?

The festivities of this rooftop work party, potluck dinner, and music jam event will start off at 17:30 with a lesson in urban eco refurbishing.  This lesson will include, among other things, instructions on how to refurbish your urban home in an environmentally friendly way using tools like eco paint.

The fun will continue with some explanations about urban container gardening – how to make, find, and use self watering containers.

Then the party will do a little composting and survey the different types of options available for the urban composter.  (The worms are the stars of this portion of the program.)

The last part of this part of the evening will be the screening of an eco movie about Cuba and the power of community.

Between 19:30 and 20:30 everyone on the roof will enjoy a potluck dinner.

To top off the evening, at 20:30 there’ll be a live performance and a dance jam party.

Don’t miss out on this truly unique opportunity to be a part of a collective green community in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Learn more about environmentally conscious urban communities in Israel:: How Does Your (Community) Garden Grow? and Tel Aviv’s City Tree Hosts Eco Salons All Summer!

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  1. Jeff says:

    damn. Just got back from a week out of Tel Aviv and hadn’t been able to get online. Would’ve loved to be there.

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