Arik Levy’s sustainable lighting

arik levy sustainable lighting

Forget the eco-friendly lightbulbs. Arik Levy’s got a new solution: Teaming up with couture lighting company Saazs and other noted designers, the invention is light-emitting glass plates.

Apparently something called “planilum technology”, which sounds like it’s straight from a work of science fiction or comic book, enables the glass itself to emit light. And cutting-edge designers like Arik Levy, Christian Biecher and Adrien Gardere have incorporated the glass into shelving units, tables and standing fixtures for your home or office.

arik levy sustainable lighting

Levy’s work, featured above, combined wood with the glass light reflecting his interest in creating points of contrast and innovation in the relationship between nature and technology.

The beautifully soft and ethereal installations actually better serve the environment by: using a non-toxic gas (as opposed to mercury-infused neon bulbs); lasting approximately for 20 years of use (compared to your average few months of your average bulb); and keeping 90% of the design recyclable, since it’s essentially based on glass.

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