Biodegradable Picnics with Ecomum: On Bottles, Plates and Games

Well the season has started, Independence Day is next week and already litter is blowing around our parks and beaches, are we really that careless!

So how to go green with our picnics and all enjoy a day out with the whole family.

There are few simple ideas to follow, Happy Holidays to all.

1. Getting There  – this can be fun as well, driving all over the country and getting stuck in traffic jams is not the ideal option. What about a bike ride, walking or good old public transport.

2. Food – go for in-season and locally grown produce. Stay away from overly packed food and put it in reusable containers. Remember keep it cool.

3. Drinks – plastic baby bottles are in the news a lot lately, it is really important not to leave them out in the sun, keep them cool, this applies to all plastic bottles and containers. Also freezing water in bottles is not recommended, put ice cubes in the bottles instead.

4. Plates, cups and utensils – the ideal option is to use your regular plates from home if this really does not appeal you can buy biodegradable cups and plates, EcoPlates has a good choice available and picnic packs are available at Tinok Yarok. Do you use your regular cutlery though, as is does not take up room and is not breakable.

5. Sun & Mosquitoes – there are now several companies in Israel providing natural based creams, Weleda products can be found in nearly all high street pharmacies, their products are all based on natural ingredients.

6. Respect Nature – teach your children about nature and how to respect it, smell flowers don’t pick them, watch and identify birds, bring binoculars and a handbook about local flora and fauna, the kids will love it.

7. Don’t be a litter bug – what you take with you, take back home, if you have a composter your leftovers and biodegradable plates and cups can be thrown in and plastic bottles can be sent for recycling, take a bag with you to collect all your rubbish.

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3 thoughts on “Biodegradable Picnics with Ecomum: On Bottles, Plates and Games”

  1. I would also add that you can throw the trash away in compostable bags…

  2. I would also add that you can throw the trash away in compostable bags…

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