Rinse, Spin, Green Cycle: Environmentally Friendly Laundromat Chain in Tel Aviv

The appropriately named “Angel’s Laundromat” chain in Tel Aviv just added a new kind of service to their list of offerings. Environmentally friendly laundry service.

The service is eco-friendly because the laundromat provides a reusable cloth bag for the clothes instead of a plastic bag, uses dryers that are powered by natural gas as opposed to electricity, and uses non-toxic, natural detergents.

Machbesat Hamelachim also sells Ecover laundry detergents and cleaning solutions at their chains.

The environmental benefits of using a laundry service such as this are manifold. Using a laundromat in the first place helps reduce the total amount of laundry machines that must be produced since many people are sharing the same machine.

Also, by using natural cleaners, the amount of toxic chemicals that both poison our water and drench our clothes in harmful substances is significantly reduced. Lastly, natural gas dryers use about half of the energy needed to power an electric dryer and are fueled by sustainable energy.

Squeaky green clean.

(Machbesat Hamelachim, 41 Ben Yehuda 03-5298091; 34 Yirmiahu 03-6023452; 62 Haaliya 03-5185885)

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