Green Prophet Gets Greener and Jewcier

In honor of Earth Day this year, the US-based zine Jewcy goes green. Helen Jupiter, an editor and commentator at the site, offers up a fantabulous list of green reads, suited for Jewish souls, or any soul for that matter –– see 10 Books on the Intersection of Judaism and the Environment.

“There are a lot of paths leading from Judaism to environmentalism and vice versa,” writes Jupiter, “and the following ten books offer gateways and guidance. Hopefully they’re printed on recycled paper, too.”

Among the chosen books, is one of our favorites: Pollution in a Promised Land: An Environmental History of Israel, by Alon Tal – one of Israel’s most prominent eco-heroes, and founder of Adam Teva Va’Din.

The Washington Post (one of the best papers in the free world) calls Jewcy, “the accoutrement of choice for a new breed of Jewish hipsters…”

And we think they’re pretty neat too.

Even Jewcier is that Green Prophet writers have joined the roster of Jewcy contributors. See our very own Michael Green :: Getting Back to the Soil: Composting in Jerusalem’s Community Garden

And James Murray-White extol the virtues of solar power in the Negev :: Bedouins Reap Benefits of Solar Power.

Keep all eyes on Jewcy for extra green prophesies.

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  1. james says:

    and Green Prophet has got hold of several of the books on Jewcy’s list (including Alon Tal’s masterwork), so keep a look out for regular new ‘green’ book reviews being posted here over the summer………………

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