'Facing The Change' Anthology

Feeling gloomy and despondent about Climate Change? Do you feel, like my dear Welsh friend Tim in London whose default position on this (and everything) is that we are all “doomed”?

Well, we here at Green Prophet are all about finding optimistic solutions, and giving attention to some of the projects that are trying in unique ways to educate and change – one such arrived on my desk this week, that is a call for your submissions to a new anthology of writings about Climate Change: ‘Facing the Change: Citizens Respond to Global Warming.’

Steven Pavlos Holmes, an Independent scholar and writer based in Boston, US, is calling for submissions of writings ‘grounded in personal experience’ for a different kind of book about global warming. His aim is that it will “not be filled with bare facts and dire warnings but with human feelings, challenges and hope, and written not by the experts but by everyday people from all backgrounds, ages, and walks of life – written by you.”

He continues; “Anyone with the courage to face the emotional and spiritual dimensions of the climate change crisis is invited to submit a story, essay, or poem. Submissions should express your own personal experience and reflections about global warming, including topics such as: perceiving the reality of climate change; facing the feelings; dancing with your sources of life; reflecting on your religious and philosophical foundations; choosing to change your life.”

For stimulus (if anyone really needs it), here are some Green Prophet posts that might be of interest ::‘Israeli Scientists to ‘Freeze’ Global Warming’
::‘Hey Israel, How Will the Earth Remember you?’

The deadline for submitting to the ‘Facing the Change’ anthology is May 1st.

Green Prophet will let you know how the project goes, and will preview the book upon publication.   Good luck!

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2 thoughts on “'Facing The Change' Anthology”

  1. James – Thanks for helping publicize the project.

    The submission deadline has been extended a month, to JUNE 1. All readers of this blog are indeed encouraged to submit!

    Peace, Steve

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