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With eight steady writers and up to several new posts a day, Green Prophet is growing exponentially and helping to make the world just a little greener (we hope). In less than two months we have acquired a substantial following from all over the world.

There are several ways to keep the green love flowing, as creepy as that sounds. Green Prophet has just added an email subscription tool on the top right corner of our blog “Prophecies By Email.” By subscribing you can get our new posts delivered straight to your inbox every day.

If you have a website or blog, add our link. In the blog world it’s called “link love.” We’ll probably add yours in return – just ask us.

If you have a website or blog and would like to stream our news directly to your site, also – just ask us how.

Other ways to help the green grow: Green Prophet fans can let us know at Technorati, where you can favorite us here. If you feel like ranting and sharing your thoughts about the environment, join us on Facebook (hugs to Michael for setting that up).

Let your friends (and foes) know about us too. And last but not least, a discussion is starting to brew on our Yahoo group.

Thanks to everyone for tuning in!
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3 thoughts on “If You Love Green Prophet, Spread the Love”

  1. Elisabeth Winkler says:

    Nothing creepy about spreading green love – it is LOVEly. I am adding Green Prophet to my blogroll on Real Food Lover where I attempt to eat green and wholefood and organic and local and sustainable. My mussel soup is treyf but I include my agonising. Generally I angst more about not being green. And, naturally (being human) I am imperfect…

  2. Mark Reitkopp says:

    Don’t forget Google Reader.

  3. Hi Green Prophet,
    I’ve spread the “link love” to your blog on my blog, Crunchy Greenola. Wanna spread the love back? 😉

    keep up the great posts!

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