“Let There Be Water”


Almost every office has one. Sitting in the corner with that strange square body with a big blue head… The water cooler! Ahh just the thought of it makes me feel thirsty. I love the “glub glub” when you pour yourself a cup of water.

Well it might be time to say goodbye to that lovely musical sound when pouring oneself a cup.

No, there is not ban; water-coolers are not becoming illegal. Something better has come to town. Imagine not having to waste precious office space with those gigantic 5 gallon bottles, or not having to order more when you are running low. Imaging if you could extract water from thin air…

Well, actually you can. Aquamaker, a Houston, Texas-based company with a subsidiary in Israel, has perfected its atmospheric water generator. Aquamaker converts the humidity in the regular everyday air we breathe into water, and it will work practically anywhere in the world, even the desert. The system filters out the pollutants and because it doesn’t come from the ground it isn’t full of harsh minerals.

The AM10 will produce 36 liters of water in 48 hours from air. The ideal humidity is 60 percent, but all that really means is that it will produce a bit more or less water depending on the humidity. The water is filtered and constantly circulated to maintain freshness. Instead of emptying out completely, it will replace the water that is used, so you never run out. What’s more, it’s no electricity guzzle – at about 30 agorot (under a dime) an hour, at its peak output it is still only producing a fourth of the electricity that an electric kettle does.

All I can add is how do I sign up?

Source: The Jerusalem Post

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