Children… Go Play by the Cesspit


I can go on “home-binges” where I will coop myself up inside for days at a time. There can be the productive kind where I’m a workhorse and so do not get out. There are other times when it’s just out of laze… After one of these binges my house will inevitably end up a pigsty.

This is what is happening to our mountain aquifer.

“The mountain aquifer is becoming more and more polluted and the wells along the coastal plain are being closed,” says Hadas Shachnai, the secretary of the Green Party and one of the prominent activists involved. “All of the sewage from the residents of the mountain slopes, Palestinians and Israelis alike, flows into the aquifer. The contamination is continuing and growing worse and is likely to lead to the loss of the only quality water source of the populations of Israel and the PA.

”The solution? Shachnai and her colleague Arnon Goren are setting up “green basins” in the Palestinian villages. These pools will have water-purifying plants growing in them. The plants transfer oxygen to the root system which then secretes other substances as well. Together they create an optimal habitat for microorganisms that are capable of breaking down and consuming various pollutants. When the plants’ own absorption ability is added to this, one has a most effective tool for purifying water.

According to the plans, a cesspit will be built next to every house for the initial treatment of the sewage. From the cesspit, the water will flow to the purifying basin. One problem foreseen is the problem of convincing people that the sewage after it goes through these pools is viable for farming. We are not sure how many people want a cesspit outside their homes?! We think it’s wonderful idea, harnessing nature to clean up our s$%^. However, it’s hard to believe that people want their children playing in their backyard… next to the cesspit.

On the other hand … Do you really want a cesspool for an aquifer?

Source: Ha’aretz

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