See 8 years of Louvre Abu Dhabi construction in 5 minutes!


French architects Ateliers Jean Nouvel designed the complex shell of Louvre Abu Dhabi, a project under development for over a decade before finally opening to the public earlier this month. A new timelapse video from EarthCam captures the eight-year-long construction process from groundbreaking to completion, from the enormous earth moving enabling works to the final mid-air […]

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Remote Saudi beach gets a makeover: would you book a beach holiday there?


This year’s World Environment Day (WED) put a high beam on illegal trade of wildlife. Event sponsor, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), called on everyone to “go wild for life” and take action to help safeguard species under threat. In Saudi Arabia, a team of environmentalists and corporate volunteers took to a beach along […]

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7 agricultural technologies that will save the Middle East


From vertical farming to rooftop gardening, here are 7 of the best agricultural companies and projects put in practice in the Middle East. There’s no getting around it: the world is becoming a much less secure place in which to live. Economies are tanking, geo-political systems are in turmoil, weather events such as wintertime drought are […]

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Does the Cannes Film Festival recycle cans?


Cannes Film Festival is in full swing this week, but here in Jordan every day is a film festival thanks to vendors who hawk bootleg DVDs for a dinar apiece. That’s less than two bucks for a new release that would otherwise set you back $20 in a Manhattan theater. The downside with Amman’s cheap movies […]

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Slash your UAE utility bill by 20% – copycats welcome!


A United Arab Emirates-based firm has just concluded what it says is the region’s first water and energy audit of a large-scale housing facility for over 1,000 guest workers. Facilities management company Farnek assessed performance of their staff accommodation center in Al Quoz, Dubai, identifying opportunities to slash annual utility bills by 20 per cent (an estimated […]

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الإمارات تنوي إرسال أول مسبار عربي إلى المريخ في 2021


أكد الشيخ محمد بن راشد آل مكتوم، نائب رئيس دولة الإمارات و حاكم دبي، نية الدولة في إرسال مركبة فضاء إلى المريخ بحلول مارس من العام 2021، لتكون أول محاولة جادة لاكتشاف الفضاء تنطلق من الشرق الأوسط و قال الشيخ في تغريدة: هذه المنطقة مهد لحضارات كثيرة و عظيمة. باستطاعة العرب إثراء الموروث العلمي الإنساني من جديد بوجود الإمكانيات […]

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