Dubai Properties Faces $7.3 Million Lawsuit

dubai-properties-towerWho to believe? That Dubai properties hasn’t paid or that Hopkins Architects reneged on their agreement?

There are different species of architectural firms operating in the feeding frenzy that is Dubai. Some, such as Foster&Partners, are contributing to the country’s environmental malaise, while others, such as Studied Impact, are trying a bit harder to reduce their environmental impact. Others still are suing for recompense.


Established in 1976 and with ongoing projects in Greece, Japan, India, USA, as well as in Dubai, the UK-based firm Hopkins Architects has 15million square feet of work under construction in Dubai at present. According to them, their Dubai World Trade Center is on track for LEED Gold Status.

Elsa Baxter of Arabian Business reported on Sunday that “Hopkins Architects has filed the case at the DIFC Courts over the Central Park 08 buildings” and that “the architecture firm was employed by Dubai Properties in 2005 on a AED50.8m contract for the twin 50-storey towers.”

Hopkins is seeking $7.3 million in unpaid fees, expenses and overtime. As a result of the dispute, a pair of towers set to be built in Dubai’s International Financial Center are currently on hold.

Baxter also suggests that while Hopkins halted their building project after failing to receive their fees, Dubai Properties “wanted to cancel the project because of project delay.”

Dubai Properties has several on-going projects, including Culture Village – a $13 billion mixed-use development – and Business Bay, which will cost $30 billion. In this curious case of “he said, she said,” the truth will undoubtedly emerge as the lawsuit proceeds.

:: via Arabian Business

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