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Alstom hydrogen train

Alstom hydrogen trains in Germany. Source: Christoph Busse, Alstom

Hydrogen is plentiful as an energy source. If you’ve seen BMW’s bet on hydrogen cars leaving a trail of only water emissions behind, you might be very excited. But extracting energy from hydrogen, until recently, has been very hard. And processes along the way, like containing leaks, cannot be overlooked because if they are, hydrogen is not a better source of power than oil or gas, it could be worse. 

So as important as rallying for the cause and jumping into investments and spreading the good news of new projects in America and Oman, it’s important for investors, governments and energy stakeholders to be educated about the challenges of hydrogen along with the promise and potential.

A short train ride from Cologne or Dusseldorf, the first international NRW HY Summit 2022 will take place in Duisburg and Essen in the North Rhine-Westphalia state of Germany from November 8th to 10th. Attendants can immerse themselves in the world of hydrogen onsite as well as virtually and learn everything about the future of the planet’s smallest element. 

Hydrogen can be used to power vehicles, generate electricity, power the industry and heat our homes and businesses. It could make a huge difference in our carbon emissions and will be critical to achieving net zero. With climate leaders meeting around the same time for COP27 in Egypt, show your company’s commitment to a CO2-free future. This event is for you if you are living the startup dream in shades of hydrogen. 

So how do you start building new companies, investment portfolios and projects? Making it real in the investment heart of Europe, in the NRW province of Germany, is the aim for its November energy summit and startup conference.

Business and investment arms of the NRW government and its partners are organizing a 3-day conference on hydrogen as a business opportunity and a way for our planet to achieve net-zero goals facing a climate in crisis. Consider that NRW is home to the entire hydrogen chain: plants that generate green hydrogen from green electricity, and pipelines that transport the gas across the country. The event will include networking with the state prime minister and key investment leaders. 

Taking NRW’s experiences into account, attendants can be expected to meet high-level participants who can share real-world experiences in infrastructure, production and R&D. The state will include tips on how young companies can get started in NRW, with incentives and investments in hydrogen and new energy ventures. 

Meet H2UB, the European platform for hydrogen start-ups and innovative Projects of start-ups, corporates and science.

Why Hydrogen and Germany’s NRW wants you!

Everyone knows Germany is the world’s most serious country regarding meeting and exceeding renewable energy goals. Germany’s words matched with its ambitious and reliable workforce make it a great country in Europe to partner with. Hydrogen will help Germany’s ambitious goal of a CO2-neutral future. If it works, this will be an example to the world. 

Particularly in the industrial state of NRW, the need for alternatives to fossil fuels is great. Hydrogen is becoming important for the region and therefore offers investors and companies enormous growth potential in a stable economy, with the Euro now on par with the USD. 

NRW is already a top location for hydrogen and fuel technologies. Experts estimate that up to 130,000 new jobs could be created in connection with hydrogen. And this is happening in all areas of the value chain: research, production, mobility and application. 

To ramp up the market for hydrogen products and applications, innovation is needed at every stage of the value chain, a team from NRW’s business unit tells me. NRW.Global Business says that NRW, as a state supports start-ups from the hydrogen economy, so they will play a significant part in the hydrogen market.

Who should attend the HY summit?

International hydrogen companies

Government stakeholders

Startups looking for operations and ecosystems 

Who to meet?

Meet 50 speakers, including Hendrik Wüst, the Prime Minister of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, and Mona Neubaur, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Economics, Industry, Climate Protection and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

Panel discussions, high-ranking representatives from business and research discuss the value chain of the hydrogen economy.

More about NRW.Global Business, event partner

NRW.Global Business conducts international location marketing for Germany’s No. 1 investment location, North Rhine-Westphalia, and promotes foreign direct investment worldwide. Some 20,000 foreign companies are already based in Germany’s economically strongest federal state. They analyze investment plans, identify suitable locations and accompany an investment project from the first step to a successful settlement.

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