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Keeping things sanitized, clean and dust-free has been a regular routine for people since Covid hit, and of course if you are an environmentalist like me you are going to cringe before you use a paper towel to wipe up a spill.

A mainstay to an eco-ists home should be cleaning supplies and materials that do no harm. Persik, a microfiber cloth that needs no additional soap to clean should be in your tool kit along with some vinegar and baking soda. It cleans windows, mirrors, bathtubs, glasses and floors. According to material supplied by the company, their Pure Sky cloth can remove 99% of bacteria with no soap or anti-bacterials. 


The secret to its magnet-like thirst for dirt is patented, composite ultra micro fibers, consisting of multifilament yarns that are made of more than 1,000 strands per yarn. This technology lets you clean nearly any surface using just water. It picks up large puddles of liquid in the kitchen and a larger size can be used to mop the floor and keep one in your car for the dust around the home. 

So buying a cloth that outlasts your kitchen might be a no-brainer, but eventually it will need to be cleaned. Americans can find these cloths at Walmart online, at Better Homes & Gardens and international buyers on Amazon.

Persik, microfiber cloth cleans windows

Wash, rinse, repeat. No dangerous soaps or chemicals needed, even for the windows. This keeps you and pets safe and happy.

Commonly asked questions about microfiber cloths:

How to clean a microfiber cloth

After you’ve used your microfiber cloth to clean grime and dust bunnies, how can you clean them? Throw them in the washing machine. A microfiber cloth will last as long as you do. Do not wash with water temperature more than 140 F (60C). Do not use bleach. Detergent is enough to get them clean. If stained heavily soak in water before you wash. If you insist on soap, just add a tiny amount to clean. No fabric softener please, This creates a layer that makes the cloths less effective. 

Microfiber cloths should be washed alone so they don’t add bacteria to the rest of your load and so they don’t collect lint, rendering them less effective. 

If they are musty microfiber cloths, add a tablespoon of distilled white vinegar to the water they are soaking in to deodorize. 

Persik microfiber cloth

Unlike one-time cloths for your floor that you throw away you can use this one forever

Can microfiber cloths be used wet or dry? 

The answer is both. 

Clean dry crevices to remove dust, very fine dust and hair. Great for the car! 

Use it wet to clean up stains, and liquids and if you want to clean mirrors or glass, spray water first on the surface and wipe with dry cloth. So both wet and dry together. 

Use a tiny bit of eco-soap, baking soda or vinegar for stubborn stains. 

Does Pure Sky really remove over 99% of bacteria?

Yes. It’s made with ultra-microfibers that surround each strand of the cloth and catch bacteria as the cloth is wiped over the surface, allowing for a green clean because you do not need to use detergent. The bacteria can then be washed away with warm water.  The water washes through the strands, taking the bacteria down the drain with it.

It’s double sided, why?

The blue scrubber side is for multi-use removing dust or stains

The purple smooth side is for cleaning windows, glass, mirrors without leaving any streaks or smudges.

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