Quick Ways to Identify if you have Chosen the Right Attorney

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If you are in need of an attorney and you have to hire one quickly, then a little extra research is extremely important. Many people just pull the trigger of hiring an attorney randomly. They jump on to Google, find the first lawyer and presume him or her to be the best bet for them. However, a decision made in hassle can be wrong. 

It is easy to get attorneys on demand these days. But without proper research, you must never hire one. Legal matters are complex and require a great insight to various situations, along with experience. 

To make the hunt easier for you, we have summed up some quick ways to identify if you are making the right choice or not. 

State Bar Association Directory:

All licensed and certified attorneys are listed in the state bar association directory of your specific city. Anyone can write down “Esq” in their description. But it doesn’t mean that they are actually licensed. To be 100% confident about the choice you are planning to make, check the state bar profile. 

Each attorney, whether they have just begun or are experienced, must appear on the state bar association’s website. You can easily look up for them through their state bar number or their first or last name initials. On this website, you will only get their basic information, i.e. their full name, contact number and whether the attorney is allowed to practice actively or not. It also showcases any ethical issues that the attorney has been through, to help make a wise choice for themselves. 

Thus, if you are confused whether you are choosing the right attorney or not, then just visit the state bar profile and you will get all the details that you require. 

Attorney’s Website:

All businesses, regardless of the fact that they are attorneys or not, demand an online presence now. And every lawyer, designer, blogger, architect etc. knows about it. Thus, having a website is very crucial. If an attorney doesn’t have their own website, they are not professional enough to consider. 

On the other hand, exploring through an attorney’s website is very important. From publications to testimonials and from their consultations to fee policies; everything will be mentioned on the website. This saves you and the lawyer from a lot of hassle. You don’t have to call them over and over again to inquire about their fee and other whereabouts and you can also make a decision whether you want to hire them or not. 

Furthermore, the overall layout and design of the website also reflects the personality of the attorney. Poorly optimized and designed websites definitely make you rethink. They aren’t a sign of a lawyer not being legit; but it isn’t a great impression either. 

Ratings and Reviews:

Look out for ratings and reviews. This is one of the quickest ways to identify whether the attorney you are hiring is worth it or not. Remember, an extremely content and highly dissatisfied client will never leave the chance to give their feedback. And nobody tells the story better than the person who has experienced it. 

Therefore, check for the attorney’s reviews. You can also visit third party review groups to see what people have to say about the lawyer you are planning to hire. Always make sure that you read through the negative feedback very closely. What are they saying through their review? Some people are simply frustrated and leave a meaningless negative review. While on the contrary, many negative reviews have a great insight to their experience. And thus, these can save you from hiring the wrong person in a hurry. 

Their Specialization:

Lastly, you want to make sure that the attorney you are choosing is specialized in managing the specific situation that you want them to. What have they specialized in? Remember to look out for this. You always want to hire an attorney that specializes in your certain problem. This makes them a much better choice and you are definitely going to get a positive outcome as well. 

There are many attorneys that might tell you that they can handle diverse cases. And it is true as experience makes lawyers diverse. However, specialization is very important to consider especially if you are looking to fight an environmental injustice.


A quick look at these key factors can help you in identifying the best attorney for yourself. Especially when you are short on time, these 4 elements will aid you in choosing the right attorney, while being in a hurry. Check their state bar profile, read through their reviews, inquire about their specialization and explore their website; if everything looks good and professional, go ahead and hire them. 


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