How Environmental Lawyers Help the Community

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She is a lawyer who speaks for the trees.

You don’t hear that often about environmental lawyers. But they are out there, and they do a good deal of things to help the community. Environmental lawyers are often mistaken for people who do nothing else but protect natural parks. In reality, they can do way more than that, and they are an essential part of the law system. So, what are environmental lawyers and how do they help out the world?

What Is an Environmental Lawyer?

An environmental lawyer is someone who advocates for the environment. They do things to make sure they protect nature while making it possible to live a healthier and safer life as humans. 

Apart from that, they are people who work with air quality, rare animals, and anything related to environmental issues. They are specialists in their area, and they know a lot about biological and geological systems, as well as law. On top of that, they are aware of the way humans impact the planet and know what could be done to reduce that impact. 

If you already are an attorney, you can become an environmental lawyer too as long as you make sure to acquire enough knowledge in science and biology. You must also obtain the right credentials and licenses. For instance, William, who used to be a Springfield probate attorney, gave up on that particular path in order to become an environmental lawyer. Now, he is getting involved in a lot of actions that seek to help out the environment and the people living in it. 

What Does an Environmental Lawyer Do?

Besides legal and court matters, an environmental lawyer will also handle several issues related to the ecosystem, wildlife, flora, etc. These might include:

  • Animal rights
  • Protection for different species
  • Air and water quality
  • Climate change innovation and laws
  • Use of sea and public land
  • Better ways to manage waste
  • Agriculture and farming problems
  • Proper hazardous waste disposal
  • Biodiversity protection
  • Wetlands preservation
  • Future green strategies
  • Clean technology

Environmental lawyers also have the responsibility to represent their clients properly and make sure they research, assess, and strategize cases accordingly. The attorney should be aware of the local laws, as these may be different from state to state. 

Also, they may work with the Environmental Protection Agency. The most important environmental laws are The Clean Water Act, The Clean Air Act, The Montreal Protocol, The Endangered Species Act, and the Reformation Plan No. 3 of 1970. 

Last, but not least, environmental lawyers can help with matters like feedlots and wetland regulation, selling or buying contaminated real estate, zoo animal preservation, and others. 

The Bottom Line

Environmental lawyers are necessary because they are the ones working towards a better world – a world where we take care of nature and animals. They care about the ecosystem and also want humans to breathe cleaner air and have cleaner water. So, environmental lawyers are necessary as they work hard for every community.

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