Travelling to Dubai?

The Middle East is full of countries to visit, places to see, authentic markets to explore yet few destinations are able to seamlessly blend the old with the new like Dubai. Or maybe you are planning to see the World Expo 2021 in Dubai?

One of the most populated emirates of the UAE (United Arab Emirates or just The Emirates) Dubai has become a go-to-travel destination in the Middle East.

Dubai has a lot to offer. whether in the form of shopping, sightseeing, beaches, Historical sites and a lot more.

To travel to Dubai, you are in for a great moment in the Arab-speaking country which is conservative but open minded. 

5 Must-Visit Landmarks of Dubai:

Offering a variety of activities and places to visit both historical and modern Dubai does not lack in places to go or things to do. Here are some must see landmarks of the city:

Burj Khalifa: 

A true testament of modern Architecture in Dubai labeled the tallest building in the world at a daunting 829.8. Ascending to the 124th floor is a must do as the beard eye view of the city is nothing less than breathtaking with presentation in the background of information about the city and the tower.

The night view however is something else attracting photographers from all over the world like moths to a flame due to the city’s famous light panoramas. With a stunning view of the city, beautifully designed gardens with plenty water attractions Burj Khalifa is a must see attraction.

Dubai Opera: 

On par with many great cities around the world such as manhattans Broadway or London’s west end Dubai has its very own opera house situated in the New “Opera district”. This magnificent piece of architecture can function both as traditional opera house and a traditional theatre. Boasting a seating capacity of 2,500 seats and   a 800-seat playhouse.

Dubai Mall:

It would be an understatement to consider Dubai mall as your normal run in a mill commercial mall. Aside from the unique, truly luxurious and top notch shopping experience it also contains a variety of family activities and attractions. One of these many attractions is the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo showcasing more than 300 forms of aquatic life including Sharks and stingrays swimming around you while navigating the underwater tunnels.

The massive 76,000 square feet VR Park is also a must see in door attraction. Once Themed after the Sega’s beloved Mascot sonic the hedgehog and other Sega video game characters now fully dedicated to virtual reality. The Mall is also a champion world record breaker with many amazing feats under its belt such as:

  • Second largest mall in the world by the total land area of 1,124,000 m².
  • More than 5 million visitors in the month of March in the I-month Dubai shopping festival event.
  • Possessing the world’s largest OLED Screen and may more achievements.
  • Dubai Miracle Park:

A true green miracle and work of art in the desert city .The park was adequately opened for business on Valentine’s Day 2013.The Park is spread over 72,000 square meters displaying over 50 million flower and 250 million plant variations.

Not only is the park a sight for sore eyes but has been expanded to include a first of its kind in-door butterfly garden and through Disney licensing contains flower structures for such lovable characters such as Mickey, Minnie, goofy and Pluto ….etc. This makes it a great way to have some fun family outdoor fun and a nice way to reacquaint youngsters with nature once again.

Dubai Museum:

Same as the displayed historical items within the Dubai museum the building holding these items is in itself a piece of history. The museum built in the 1787 and located within the Fahidi Fort aiming to preserve the traditional way of life. The general layout of the museum is three internal halls aligning the fort walls one for the ticket office. The other two halls contain a assortment of different weapons and arms from past eras and a vast array of different traditional music instruments .Finally in the courtyard there lays a couple old fixtures such as different types of boats and a bronze cannon with its bullets. The museum also has a lot of separate galleries some covering the different development phases of Dubai as a country ranging from the pre oil era to the post oil era with life size models of carpenters, vendors and buyers the whole works.

Expo 2020: 

Although not a landmark of Dubai the 2020 Expo being held Dubai is a testament to the growing place of Dubai not just as a destination but as a country  and how far its infrastructure and facilities have developed . The expo 2020 is one of the most coveted events in the world a multinational meeting of sorts with retail options several, galleries and exhibits from all around the world it’s an event that can’t be missed.

  • What to Consider before Heading to Dubai:

Here are some tips to make your trip a tad bit better: 

  • Visit between October and April:

The gulf is known for its hot weather however the months between October to April tend to be more forgiving. Known as the winter season it brings with it perfect blue skies and optimum beach weather.

  • Book flights and hotel accommodations in advance :

Buying your travel tickets is not a bad idea as airline ticket prices tend to be cheap, you don’t necessarily have too but it’s a good way to cut down on costs. Same goes for hotels the periods between October and April is the peak of tourist activity so it’s advised to book the rooms earlier.

  • Alcohol consumption :

Although alcohol is not restricted in Dubai nevertheless public drinking and driving while drinking is prohibited. For personal consumption a drinking permit is required from both you and the seller.

All in all Dubai is a result of heritage preservation and keen eye for the future seamlessly blending the past, present and future making it a more than stellar, must see headings in the Middle East.



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