7 things you can learn from the best restaurant marketing

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Want to make your new vegan restaurant a hit? Learn marketing and grow a sustainable business.

As the world becomes smaller and competition becomes larger, marketing is becoming an increasingly crucial tool for the success of any business. With trends like eating local or eating even vegan food, you need to stay aware to changing and evolving customer tastes. 

For restaurants especially, using the right tricks & tactics has become more important than ever with new spots to feed hungry customers popping up almost every day. Creating a distinct brand & identity has become a restaurant’s only saving grace in this overcrowded environment.

Though every business works differently, there are certain things that every restaurant must keep in mind while devising their marketing strategies. Here are 7 sure-fire tips to give your restaurant’s marketing a much-needed boost.

Seamless User Experience:

Your customers are what make you, and also what can break you. User experience is often neglected by restaurants as they think they have bigger fish to fry, but here’s the “secret” – no matter how trendy your restaurant or how delicious your food is, if it’s not simple, convenient and accessible for the users, it’s going nowhere.

Ensuring that customers have easy access to details and information about the restaurant is the best way to create brand awareness & enable conversions. Customers are much more likely to visit a restaurant they can find everything about in a matter of minutes.

One of the best way to increase user accessibility for your restaurant is to set up a restaurant reservation system. Nowadays, consumers are on a lookout for everything instant – instant food, instant delivery and similarly – instant restaurant reservations. By having an instant reservation system, you are giving your customers an easy and quick channel to reach you, therefore creating a seamless user experience leading to a higher conversion rate.

Make your restaurant “Insta-Friendly”

The rise of the digital age or the “Instagram age” has peaked the importance of a restaurant’s visual appeal. “Insta-worthy” has officially become a term used to categorize restaurants and not spotting someone snapping their food at a restaurant has become a rare occurrence. Food & restaurant photos dominate the world of social media, which is why paying attention to how your food & restaurant looks has become more important than ever.

User-Generated Content

The popularity of platforms like Instagram & Snapchat has given rise to a new marketing tool: user-generated content. Customers all over the world are sharing information and images of their food via these platforms, indirectly creating valuable content for the restaurants.

This user generated content is one of the best sources of e-WOM for the business. Ensure that you use this content to it’s maximum potential by integrating it into your restaurant’s marketing strategies and combining it with other social media marketing tools like #hashtags to create a powerful marketing tool at essentially no cost

Focus on customer loyalty

The challenge for any restaurant is not to acquire customers, but to retain them. How can you guarantee that a customer comes back? That’s the golden ticket.

Loyalty comes from a lot of things – great customer service, delicious food, enjoyable environment. But a real sense of loyalty is enabled through loyalty programs – these are point based programs for customers that reward them with offers, deals and discounts leading to repetitive returns from customers resulting in higher customer retention.

Features like special birthday offers, cashback on every purchase and regular discounts are great for encouraging customers to visit your restaurant again and again.

Get on board the Influencer train

Influencers are the new celebrities, except that they are one of the consumers, which makes them that extra bit relatable. This relatability is the reason why influencer opinions have become so impactful. Growing number of industries are hiring influencers to market their products, F&B being on top of that chart.

Influencers are a great way to gain traction and increase brand awareness for your restaurant. It’s important to ensure that the influencers you partner with reflect your brand well and will help you reach your target market. Using them strategically can give your restaurant a huge leap.

Run Ads!

Ads have become the driving force for businesses – everywhere you go, you see ads. Online Ads may seem complicated but are easy to set up and have a low barrier to entry.

Try your hands on Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads for your restaurant. The key to running successful ads is to have a targeted ROI and to monitor your ads carefully for ensuring that you are reaching the right people and not spending too much

Don’t forget discovery websites!

Restaurant discovery websites like TripAdvisor and Zomato are becoming increasingly popular with customers. Thousands of users use these websites to find the right places to dine in.

Make sure that your restaurant is listed in all the discovery platforms in your region and keep it updated with relevant information and images to make sure that you are reaching as many potential customers as possible.  You can also hire a press release distribution service to announce your ground opening for your restaurant to get the best result.

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