Tips for Using Your Voicemail System Without Being Intrusive

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As companies strive to integrate the benefits of technology while retaining personalized service for clients, one way to do this is by utilizing the best features of call center software. Here are a few tips for doing just that.

Utilizing IVR

When customers contact a company with a call center, they often start by dealing with an interactive voice response (IVR) system. An IVR is designed to help them navigate a number of options before they are connected with a staff person who can help them. Callers respond to prompts to help the system determine why they are calling and which agent can best help them.

In some cases, people may have very unique personal needs that don’t fit in a typical menu. To accommodate this, companies with call centers need to structure their IVR systems to ensure prompt assistance to all callers. For example, they should always have an option that allows the caller to be connected directly to an agent without the need to navigate the menu.

An example of where this may be necessary would be insurance companies. A person who was just in an accident may need assistance, but they may not be in the best state of mind to follow verbal prompts on an IVR. They may also feel uncomfortable interacting with an impersonal software system when faced with a personal crisis.

Ensuring that callers can connect with a live person as quickly as possible when necessary is a simple way to retain a personalized touch and assist those callers meaningfully.

Call back options

Sometimes, a customer calls a company, but no call center agent is available to help them immediately. Customers may be given different options, such as staying on the line and waiting or being called back.

When callers choose the “call back” option, the voicemail can help personalize service by allowing the person to record their name and even the reason for their call. This can help the business determine who is best suited to address the caller’s needs. When they call back, they can also address the customer by name and have a head start on identifying their problem and any relevant information that may help them resolve the caller’s needs.

Customers can also be given the option of leaving their name without the reason for their call. This ensures that they do not feel like they have to divulge sensitive or personal information if they choose not to. Many people do not wish to provide personal details, particularly if they are recording a message, so they should have the option of skipping this step if they prefer. This enables them to receive service without feeling like the IVR has been intrusive.

Communication options

One way that businesses have improved customer service is by providing omnichannel communications options to their customers. This means that companies empower customers to choose between a number of methods to address their issues, including chat and text.

When a call center agent isn’t available to take a person’s call in a timely manner, the caller may be given the option of requesting a call back. But the voicemail system can also be designed to provide them with other useful information. Instead of expecting a caller to leave personal information on a recording, they can hear options presented and elect a different communication method.

This could mean engaging in a chat with an agent. For example, a person who’s at a noisy accident scene and unable to withdraw to a quiet place for a phone conversation may learn that they can communicate by email or text instead.

Whenever clients are given options and empowered to make their own choices, they are more likely to feel that the company is striving to meet their needs. Customers are less likely to feel that the company’s systems are invasive or impersonal, because the customer retains control by choosing from multiple options.

When companies try to tailor their services to meet the personal needs and preferences of their customers, they are more likely to establish customer loyalty and increase customer satisfaction.

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