Reasons For Sudden Rise In CBD Appreciation

If you are like most people there was probably a time when you didn’t know what CBD meant. You probably also didn’t even know what the term stood for or what it was used for. Most people still don’t understand that CBD comes from both the hemp and marijuana plants. Whatever the situation is, there is a good chance that you know a lot more about CBD now. Even though there is no scientific or medical evidence backing the claims made by many CBD manufacturers it seems that that substance is all the rage. Not only are there a number of topical products available, but there are also tinctures available. So, why all the rage?

It Offers Multi Uses

One of the reasons that CBD is so popular is because it can be consumed in a number of ways. The most traditional method of consuming marijuana is smoking. Sure, marijuana can be infused with edibles, but most people tend to smoke it. That is not entirely the case with CBD. You will find a wide range of CBD products available on the market. Not only are there tinctures and topical products, but there are also edibles, shampoos, bath bombs, dog treats, and ointments. CBD can also be smoked, but the different methods of consumption provide non-smokers with a whole new level of delivery systems.

Cannabis For Non-Stoners

CBD is growing in popularity because it is a substance that is like cannabis for non-stoners. What does this mean? Well, CBD products are extracted from the hemp plant. The hemp plant only contains minute amounts of THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana that gets your high. In fact, in order for CBD products to be legally manufactured and sold they must contain 0.3 percent THC or less. This is such a small amount that you won’t even get high, but you will be able to reap all the medical and soothing benefits. There is even a white label CBD provider that produces products that contain zero THC.

Less Hassle And Cheaper

Medical marijuana has been growing in popularity due to all the benefits that it can provide one with. However, in order to get a medical marijuana license, you have to go through a long, drawn-out process. In addition to this, it can be quite expensive if you don’t have insurance. Heck, it is still somewhat expensive if you do have insurance. This is where CBD can counter that. Not only can you walk into a CVS and purchase the substance without a prescription, but you can do so at fairly affordable prices.

Little To No Side Effects

Probably one of the best things about CBD and CBD products is that consumption comes along with little to no side effects. It is not an addictive substance and some of the most severe reports of side effects only include mild nausea or upset stomachs. When you weigh this potential side effects against the benefits of the substance there really is no comparison. And, if the substance is taken as prescribed there is a good chance there won’t be any negative effects at all.

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