Must-Visit Destinations in Central Europe

Set between the blue Baltic Sea and the alluring Alps is is one of Europe’s most populous regions. The cultural and political history of the region is one of the key reasons the countries in Central Europe are so close knit – not just geographically, but also culturally. So, if your private escorted tours of France are ending but you don’t want to say goodbye, this is a quick guide to help you choose the next stop of your journey.

Must-Visit Destinations in Central Europe

1. Austria

 Boasting its Baroque embellishments and imperial palaces is the capital of Austria – Vienna. Having cradled musical maestros like Mozart and Beethoven, a visit to this city promises to retune your monotonous weekdays by hitting the right note. With mountain villages overlooking perennial lakes lined by conifers, no one has ever taken a bad picture in Vienna. Don’t believe us? Ask the makers of the popular movie “Sound of Music” or try it yourself!

2. Switzerland

Wade through the waters of Lake Zurich or ski at the Zermatt Resort – Switzerland has something in store for everyone. The mountainous terrain keeps it windy for most part of the year, allowing mountaineers of all levels of experience to trek the peaks of the infamous Alps. If you run out of energy, there is always some Swiss chocolate! An alternate mode of transportation is the cable car running across the peaks which offers a bird’s eye view of the Alps.

3. Hungary

 Hungary shares its borders with seven different countries, thus providing the unique opportunity to experience the fusion of these cultures. Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is believed to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The Hungarian Crown Jewels, the pride of the late Hungarian rulers, sit in the biggest building in Budapest – The Neo Gothic Parliament. Another popular spot to relax is the largest medicinal bath in Europe – Széchenyi thermal bath. With two thermal springs with temperatures in the range of 74 to 77°C, this is the perfect alternative to a warm shower.

4. Germany

Blending the European-Mediterranean mixed forests with the Northeast-Atlantic shelf marine, the geography of Germany is a reflection of its people. Strong sturdy castles stand tall amidst biospheres even today and to enhance their accessibility, you can choose one from the Top 21 Germany Tours based on your interest. The most common ones include the Castle Road, German Wine Road and Romantic Road.

They say “variety adds spice to life” and Central Europe is indeed a vibrant mix of people with a unique style. Under the influence of numerous empires, cultures, and backgrounds, the Central Europeans have evolved and continue to adapt with a warm and welcoming smile and a spirit of humanity. From historic architecture to public baths, you never know what you may come across on this trip to Central Europe. Don’t keep waiting for the right time, pack your bags now!

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