Food Tech, it’s a battleground. Come pitch your startup at Google


Israel! You are so good at so many things beyond technology. And food, as locals and tourists know is becoming Israel’s rising star. With hyper-local fresh food production capabilities, Israelis from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem enjoy traditional Mediterranean food, hybridized with any international trend.

It makes complete sense in a country that’s into food, and in the know for startups and technology, that the two intersect in a new industry. It’s called Food Tech. Potentially one of the last frontiers in tech and all of us have to eat. Kimbal Musk, the brother of Elon Musk, calls Food, “The New Internet.”

yossi-dan-challengyThanks to a french import Yossi Dan, and his company Challengy, Israel is about to put some serious spice into the international Food tech scene. Dan is looking for 100 Food Tech companies to duke it out Battleground style, at the Google Campus in Tel Aviv later this month.

Dan is calling all innovators to collect and compete at The Foodtech Startup Contest, part of Global FoodTech TLV. This coincides with the DLD, one of the largest and craziest conferences and tech/art expos Israel does every year. The contest is calling for 100 startup entrants, so if you are just coming to scan for new opportunities, bring a bag of healthy snacks and a cold pressed juice as you watch companies inside the ring pitch their startups.

Ten semi-finalists go onto an even bigger stage to compete for chances to be seen by even more investors, and to get the chance to be swept under Dan’s wing as his firm Challengy leads business development efforts in Food Tech in various global cities.

Do you have what it takes to take a bite out of the Food Tech industry?


Do you:

1. Build vertical farming technologies (like hydroponics), create new opportunities for farming in business development, or have a way to make food tastier, healthier or more sustainable. If yes, Click Here.

2. Build technologies that serve the digital landscape making it easier to order online, cut food waste from restaurants, or build platforms to manage inventory at point of sale? Click Here.

3. Build technologies in new
frontiers to understand food quality of industrial chains, from farm to fork, can you monitor water, detect toxins, certify that food is safe? If you are one of these guys or gals, Click Here.

Palestine-food-prices-technologyDetails about the pitch:

Where? Google Campus TLV
When? September 27, afternoon
Who? Food Tech startups from anywhere. Internationals are encouraged to apply
Cost? Free. You just need to register here and be selected among the 100.

If selected, you’ll come and pitch in front of a panel of International experts.

The event is framed around the annual DLD event which is part serious, part crazy. Mostly fun.

Your entrance to the Food Tech scene in Israel, Dan suggests, will be a part of some bigger acceleration program he is putting into place with international partners.

Get some ideas from innovators from Israel featured at Dan’s event last year. 

Le Chaim and good luck.


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