Meet up in Tel Aviv for riveting chat on revenue-stage FoodTech startups

Israeli food tech start-upsCould you be in Tel Aviv next week?  Can you follow a focused and fast-paced discussion delivered in Hebrew? Then hightail it to a special meet up to hear how an innovator took his initial food tech concept and nurtured it to fruition. Must-have intelligence for anyone toying with a start-up. But reserve your seat now, as space is limited.

The Kitchen hosts Mr. Yossi Ben, founder and CEO of Amorphical, the company he founded in 2004 to develop a highly effective calcium supplement using innovative technology devised after he watched a crayfish shed its old skeleton and promptly form a new one. This observation led to research and development of stabilized synthetic amorphous calcium carbonate, the platform technology of Amorphical’s dietary supplement product pipeline.

A farmer and serial entrepreneur, Ben is also a co-founder of the Noah’s Ark project which produced the first lyophilized cells from endangered species for the purpose of preservation and future cloning. He is also the founder and owner of the only private safari in Israel.

Ben will share the story of how he created “DENSITY”, which boasts a unique molecular structure that makes its absorption levels twice as effective as the most popular calcium supplements available today. Hear how he nurtured his idea into a full-blown business, raising development funds and taking it all the way to the revenue stage.

The event “From Initiation to Monetization” will be held on January 19th at Leumi Bldg., 35 Yehuda ha-Levi. Tel Aviv. The lecture will be delivered in Hebrew and will follow this agenda:

  • 18:30 Networking and Food
  • 19:00 Storytelling by Yossi Ben
  • 19:40 Q & A
  • 20:00 Closing

The venue has limited space, so please hurry and RSVP by Monday the 18th via this link (here).

The Kitchen FoodTech Hub is the Israeli FoodTech incubator, founded last year by Strauss Group as part of the Technological Incubators Program. We invest in cutting-edge technology startups that make the world’s food chain more productive, affordable, sustainable and healthy. Areas of interest include improved agricultural processes, supply chain technologies, efficient food processing, quality assurance, prolonged shelf life and reduction of food spoilage, smart packaging, and reduction of environmental footprint. Learn more on their website (currently under development – link here).


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