Indoor air pollution and the ugly corners it lurks

air-pollution-indoor-deskEarlier this month mothers everywhere reeled over hearing about the baby who died from his neighbor’s unlaw pesticide use. While it’s an extreme example, it’s very worth remembering that just because you are inside does not make you free from air pollution caused by cars, industry, and by pest control.

On a darker level, indoor air can cause persistent health effects. Think about a Mediterranean or Middle East winter that rains, rains and rains. Apartments and homes aren’t sealed well or bathrooms are too sealed and black mould builds up everywhere. Or the old lead paint on buildings, and asbestos piping. Or radon gas.

Indoor pollution can be a silent killer. There is dust, mites, dander, chlorine and a universe of things you don’t want to know. The infographic below can show you what may be lurking below the surface of things.



Thanks to Airfilterbuy for the tip; image of man with gas mask indoors, via Shutterstock

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