Israeli startup offers “tow” to space junk and lost satellites

Effective Space Solutions tow truck for satellites

The ever increasing amount of space junk makes it dangerous to pass through Earth’s orbit. Space junk can intercept and hit satellites throwing them out of orbit. But wayward satellites still able to perform may get a tow back to position thanks to a new Israeli startup. Need a lift?

The robotic space tow truck developed by Effective Space Solutions is now in talks with manufacturers to help them create a tugboat or DeOrbiter microsatellite. The company expects to “launch” within two years.

The aim of inventors is to help it reposition satellites if they’ve gone off course – or push them off course where they can effectively “die” in a satellite graveyard several hundred kilometers above their usual orbit of 36,000 kilometers above our heads.


There are currently two stranded Galileo Project satellites and the company says that their solution could bring them back on course and live out their days until the satellites run out of energy.

Effective Space Solutions was founded in 2012 by veterans of the Israeli space industry and the company now seeks additional funds after raising a $1.5 million seed fund from Singulariteam and the Israel Space Agency.

Arie Halsband is the company’s founder.

This invention reminds me of that 80s show What Will They Think of Next. I am hoping they’ll figure out a robot to clean up our space junk.

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