Watch ISIS militants take over and burn marijuana fields in Syria


Maybe we’d have a little more tolerance and understanding in this world if ISIS just smoked some of the plants instead. Or maybe the plan is to smoke some of the spoils. Watch the video above as ISIS burns alleged cannabis plant fields in Syria.

I was in Syria 15 years ago as a tourist and didn’t see a trace of cannabis anywhere in the ultra conservative country. It could be grown for shipping the pot abroad to attractive markets nearby in Lebanon, Jordan and Israel.

A startup company I am building called flux is developing a technology that could be used to help consumers (where it’s legal) grow medical cannabis. Sign up here at flux to be updated when we launch.

Meanwhile I am going to look around for the pot hummous recipe I saw online somewhere. Oh here it is. Very appropriate for these crazy times.

Want to know more about cannabis in the Middle East? Our Israeli correspondent Miriam goes on a tour of Tikkun Olam, one of 8 licensed grow ops in Israel. Read the whole story here.

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