Israeli Poet Nitzan Mintz Makes Sustainable Art Stick To The Streets

Nitzan Mintz israel poem mural eco art, recycle, upcycle, reuse

Israeli street artist Nitzan Mintz writes her poems on the streets of Tel Aviv, using disregarded materials she collects from dumpsters and public spaces. “I use only recycled materials in my art,” she said.

Nitzan is not alone. Artists across the Middle East have responded to the massive recycling crisis by upcycling trash into art. There are many benefits for artists that use waste to create, both financial and creative.

“I use birdcages, pieces of wood, anything,” said Nitzan.

Nitzan Mintz israel eco art poetry, Tel Aviv, poem mural eco art, recycle, upcycle, reuse

“I love the connection between me and these objects I find. They inspire me to make something new. It’s like a gift from God. I need art materials and I find them.”

poetry eco art Israel, mural eco art, recycle, upcycle, reuse

She composes her art according the particular site, incorporating space and environment into her designs. And unlike many street artists, Nitzan signs her real name to all her work. “I take full responsibility for my art in the streets,” she said in an interview with Times of Israel. “I never harm the environment or cause damage to people’s property.”

Here is an example of a work she made with local artists Gili Peleg and Signor Gi.

Nitzan Mintz eco art poetry Israel, poem mural eco art, recycle, upcycle, reuse

Nitzan’s Hebrew poetry murals are a great example of eco-friendly innovation, turning garbage into art. And we look forward to seeing more of her work around Israel.

Images via the artist and Urban Existenz 

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  1. elizabeth connecticut says:

    I love this. Beautiful and important work.

  2. nitzan mintz says:

    I only have 11 poems that are translated to english, so this is not whats writen in the murals in the pictures here.

  3. nitzan mintz says:

    Not in the pages I will write
    But in the fragments of my dreams
    My tree will sprout and awaken me

  4. What do some of the murals say?

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