10 Cool Garbage Cans for Middle East Trash


Would innovative waste disposal devices make for tidier Jordanians? Year Two in the Hashemite Kingdom, and my honeymoon with Amman is kaput.  It’s impossible to keep the romance alive when your beloved is so totally…trashy. At work, shopping for trash receptacles for a new airport terminal, I stumbled across some wacky waste bins that might’ve saved […]

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Amman Infested with Litterbugs While Emiratis Cry Foul


Environmental campaign to rehabilitate litterbugs kicks off in Amman. Plastic bags and cigarette butts are part of the natural landscape in contemporary Jordan. Bottles roll like tumbleweed across Amman’s early morning streets. Residents say the city’s sanitation services are deteriorating, according to The Jordan Times, but towering trash and burst garbage bags, overloaded waste bins and […]

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Egyptian Brothers Design a Clever Separator for Gulf Recyclables


Egyptian brothers Mostafa and Mohamed Nassar have designed a clever two-meter tall waste separator that aims to make recycling in Abu Dhabi and the other Emirates “as easy as pressing a button,” The National reports.Providers of steel solutions for construction, oil and gas industries and manufacturing plants, the Abu-Dhabi-raised pair believe that collecting recyclables can be […]

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TIPA’s Biodegradable Packaging as Benign as an Orange Peel


Two Israeli women founded TIPA – the first company in Israel to offer 100% biodegradable and recyclable beverage packaging, which is a particularly difficult feat to achieve. Daphna Nissenbaum and Tal Neuman founded the company in 2010 in order to address the dire need for packaging that is genuinely ecologically-sensitive. And so far, they have […]

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Blondes Have More Fun Composting

Maybe blondes really do have more fun, and more fun composting too. It’s easier to get Israelis excited about blondes than about composting, but if you get their eco-attention using a blonde?  That’s a different story.  Atar Friedman, a beautiful young Israeli blonde with a mission, has been trying to get Israelis more conscious about […]

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Your Pee Could Power Ecobot III


Bristol scientists hope to build an autonomous robot that runs by digesting energy-rich waste products As we begin to consider alternative sources of energy for the Middle East, where even oil-rich Saudi is developing its solar sector, diversifying our portfolio will take pressure off any one source and generate further safety nets. Technology developed for […]

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US Leaves Iraq With A Legacy Of Waste


$5 Billion couldn’t put their country back together; will Iraqis be able to pick up the pieces? What is more wasteful than war? Bomb a place, destroy its infrastructure so that ordinary citizens lack basic services, topple a few monuments important to the national identity targeted, kill several thousand people, including approximately 100,000 civilians according […]

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Don't Use a Sponge


Instead of using synthetic sponges for your shower and dishes use a luffa! Sponges tend to collect bacteria and for heath reasons should be thrown out 1-2 times a week. But if they are not biodegradable, that is a LOT of waste filling up landfills. Additionally, the “antibactirial” sponges have a chemical called Triclosan which […]

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During An Economic Crisis, Can Environmental Stocks Outperform? An Experiment

Green Prophet’s stock picks: We were approached by an Israeli startup that follows and predicts stock market trends MarketGuru to execute a joint experiment: how do “green” clean technology stocks perform against the market as a whole? MarketGuru asked Green Prophet to choose a variety of environmental stocks to track their progress of how they are […]

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