Yours & Mine Eco-Fashion Arrives in Amman

Amman On Line Dress Shop

A new Amman clothing retailer is hitting all the green lights on the fashion runway: Yours & Mine makes sustainability chic, selling locally sourced, recycled garments in a virtual store. 

I’ve been stylin’ used clothes for decades: it’s old hat  in New York City to personalize your wardrobe with key finds from an Army & Navy store, charity thrift shop or “antique” clothing emporium.  But that tolerance for recycled fashion doesn’t transport all over the world. I’d spent years in Ireland, where the Celtic Tiger transformed a healthy hand-me-down tradition into a lust for only fresh off the rack.  Urbane Dubliners view used clothes as admission you can’t afford new.  It was heartbreaking to dump barely worn (but outgrown) items into the bin.

I left that environment for Jordan, where there is a potential (and willing) home for anything you care to discard: charities solicit clean, used clothes for a myriad of causes.  I’ve given practical, warm garments to Palestinian and Syrian refugees, Jordanian orphans, and gypsy camps.  But what to do with extra handbags? Dress-for-success business suits?  Western-style dresses and (too) short skirts? Now there’s a new solution. 

Amman Online Dress ShopYours & Mine is an online boutique that offers an opportunity to buy and sell one-off items that pass muster for quality, style and originality. They’ll sell ‘Yours’ to make it someone’s ‘Mine’: particularly appealing for women who buy high-end fashion items and only wear them once or twice.

The business was started by two young women weary of mass-produced “uniform” clothes that could be spotted on many others in the Amman crowd.  They cite the thrill of a bargain and the fun of  scoring some of the cooler old pieces in your mom’s closet.  Their constantly changing collection allows thrifty shoppers to be different, be creative, and dabble in different decades (I recently spotted a 1950’s dolman-sleeved dress and a very ’80’s pair of M.C. Hammer harem pants).

Want to express your unique self?  Look through the virtual racks on their website. The online shopping experience is supplemented with next day delivery and the option of paying by credit card or (more popular in Jordan) cash on delivery.

In addition to helping the environment by introducing recycled fashion to Jordan, Yours & Mine aspires to give back to the community by giving sellers the option to donate earned cash directly to one of their affiliated charities.

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One thought on “Yours & Mine Eco-Fashion Arrives in Amman”

  1. Obada Mourad says:


    We are pleased to inform you that we are confident to introduce our company. We produce all kinds of evening dresses from casual and simple to heavy accessorized dresses as requested. We strictly use high quality materials. What distinguishes us is that we offer to our clients after sale facilities where the client monitors the progress step by step. Moreover all our products are guaranteed since we use strict quality management procedures.

    We have 2 branches in Dubai and Lattakia Syria. In addition, we have 2 factories employed by staffs that have 20+ years of experience and designers that have 30+ years’ experience.

    Also, we successfully manage to grow our network and to cover our products to UAE, KSA, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon and Morocco.

    Hence we are interested to reach Jordan because we have what it takes from hi-tech equipped factories, well experienced staffs and vast expertise of our designers.

    We assure you we offer solid services and most competitive prices that competes with the Chinese prices

    We are looking forward to hear from you.

    Trada General Trading LLC

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