Keret House: The World’s Thinnest, Most Insane House is Now Open

etgar keret house bed

Keret House, also known as the world’s thinnest home, was designed for Israeli writer Etgar Keret. The art installation which has filled the void of 1.3 m between two houses in the Warsaw district of Wola was designed by Polish architect Jakub Szczęsny from the Centrala collective.

Online and print news sources around the world are calling the Keret House the thinnest in the world and it is finally open. Renowned Israeli writer Etgar Keret commissioned Jakub Szczensy of Centrala to design the tiny ‘crack-house’ as a tribute to his Polish family who were killed during the World War II holocaust.

world's thinnest house, poland, warsaw, centrala, etgar keret, keret house, jakub szczesny, israeli writer's houseBoth art and architecture, but hardly a leisurely space for lounging, the little dwelling is squeezed between two buildings on 22 Chłodna St. and 74 Żelazna St and measures a mere 133 centimeters in the widest interior spot.


The idea was to design a unique rendezvous spot for creative movers and shakers to explore new ideas without eating up either space or resources. And, well, they won’t be doing much of that. Check out our earlier post for more details on the parasitic house, 3 foot narrow at its narrowest and 5 feet at its widest:

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2 thoughts on “Keret House: The World’s Thinnest, Most Insane House is Now Open”

  1. Maurice says:

    I guess it beats how some folk live in alleys in many big cities; i.e. in cardboard boxes.

    1. It’s become an idiotic contest – to see who can live in the smallest box. Easy for the upwardly rich and mobile to do. A lot harder if you have no choice. Sorry – I know all the sustainable designers around the world are trying to compress society into the smallest possible living spaces, but it’s becoming a joke. There is a limit to how small we can live and when we have kids it is not feasible to live in a one meter box with transformable furniture. Better to live in a practical way, with rooms that can be transformed into offices, guest rooms…

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