Drive a Better Place EV for $510 a Month, Including Charge

better place shai agassi, electric car, battery swap, israel leasing planThe best news to come from Better Place is an attractive $510 leasing plan per month which includes 1000 km.

Israel’s Better Place, headed by the iconic entrepeneur Shai Agassi has just released news of an attractive leasing deal bound to win over new subscribers: for NIS 1990 a month ($510 USD), for 36 months, Better Place and the leasing company Albar is offering new customers a car, one thousand kilometers of distance and charges and battery replacements, reports the local business newspaper Globes.

With the cost of cost in Israel hovering at around $2 US a liter, this news is a warm welcome to every car owner who drops $150 bucks with every fill up at the tank. If you are puttering between cities, I think this model might even pay for itself considering that the cost of car ownership is so high in Israel, given its 100 percent markup on taxes.

We’ve been skeptical about your progress over in Israel, but this is great news Better Place! If you want to know more about how the cars and their quick battery swap program works, read this overview post by Brian on Better Place.

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