Jordanian Activists Take To The Streets For A Sustainable Future

greenpeace-nuclear-jordan-jeacActivists gathered on the streets of Amman today to say ‘No’ to nuclear energy and ‘Yes’ to renewables

Following years of anti-nuclear campaigning and (more recent) controversy surrounding Jordan’s nuclear programme, Greenpeace activists in Jordan are stepping up their protests. They gathered today to launch a public dialogue about the dangers of nuclear energy and to push for a comprehensive national renewable energy strategy outside the headquarters of the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC). Activists held a large banner that read “For a Sustainable Jordan: No to Nuclear Power,” while others carried out a street theatre activity demanding the government consider greener energy options such as solar and wind power. 

The timing of this action is critical in light of recent accusations that the JAEC is violating a binding parliamentary motion issued earlier this year requiring officials to halt all work on the country’s first energy reactor, pending the completion of financial feasibility and environmental impact assessments. “It is disconcerting, to say the least, that the JAEC is willing to overlook the parliamentary motion,” said Safa’ Jayoussi, Greenpeace Local Coordinator in Jordan. “We are here to remind the government of the pressing need to reassess the country’s energy policy bearing in mind the threats emanating from a nuclear agenda.” The participants demanded the government cancel the nuclear project and invest in safer and more effective energy options.

Whilst promoting the halt of nuclear generation, Greenpeace campaigners also want to raise awareness of the potential for renewable energy in Jordan. “It is time for a full national strategy to lessen reliance on foreign energy imports through renewable energies,” Greenpeace Communications Officer Hoda Baraka said. “Jordan has tremendous potential for utilizing wind and solar sources of energy making this the most viable substitute to nuclear and carbon energy.”

:: Photo via Greenpeace Jordan.

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