Lebanon Green Designers Transform Washing Machines Into Beautiful Seats

upcycle-green-designers-lebanon-washing-machine-seatWith a bit of creativity and green spirit, old washing machine drums have been transformed into stunning seating by Xavier Baghdadi and Lea Kradokian

From beautifully adorned tyres to trash theatres, Lebanon is really getting creative with its rubbish. Now, two green Lebanese designers have used old washing machine drums to make intricately decorated seats with lots of storage space inside. Which is just as well as Lebanon produces 4,000 tonnes of waste a day and only 10 percent of that is recycled. Whats more, 40 percent of all garbage generated is consigned to over 700 illegal and unsafe dump sites across the tiny nation.

knit washing machine drum lebanonAccording to Jennifer Hattam over at TreeHugger, Baghdadi and Kradokian first tried upcycling when they were invited by gallery owner Rania Choueiri to take part in a recycled art and design exhibition earlier this summer at L’Atelier Fanfreluche in Beirut’s Mar Mikhail neighbourhood. The exhibit, “Trashy Treasures,” featured furniture, accessories, sculpture, and art works by 18 different artists.

knit washing machine drum lebanonScouring junkyards, Baghdadi and Kradokian used old washing machine drums for the latest designs which makes the most of traditional designs and modern, upcycling principles. Together the two designers form the collective ‘Junk Munkez’ which also sells a collection of playful planters made from scrapped car parts and kitchen utensils. Lea Kradokian in an email to Jennifer Hattam at TreeHugger said: “As a team we design with a green conscience, giving life to the lifeless heaps of Beirut’s rising metal mountains, in hopes of pushing other Lebanese designers to think green as well.”

::TreeHugger. Hat tip to Louise Sheridan.

Images via Xavier Baghdadi / Lea Kradokian

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